“OUT” of an… ordinary reality!

The challenge to present a tough and not so pleasant story in a creative way is the key factor when you want to make a short film, where in a few minutes you have to capture everything you want to say. With this factor and the experience in the field of production and post production the result was totally targeted. Direction by our very own, Petros Niamonitakis who managed to visualize the introversion of an outcast, displaying it in a doric way, titled: Out.

The camera tells the story of a homeless man who observes the lives of “normal” people. The harsh daily routine of life is shown in a short film. Spyros was the protagonist and narrator. A resident of an abandoned house that has set up his “home” and in his own unique way, presents one typical day for him, while simultaneously unfolding his thoughts.

The production belongs entirely to Correct Productions and its associates, who once again revealed to the … “Out” side world its best self.

The result surpassed the borders of Greece. Not only was it embraced by the audience, but it also stood out at international film festivals such as the Near Nazareth Festival, the Mediterranean Film Festival in Cannes, the Unrestricted View Film Festival, the UK Monthly Film Fest and Short of the Year at Promofest. The film was screened for the first time in Greece in the 20th installment of Thessaloniki International Documentary Film Festival, while the Greek press gave it a lot of credit, making many heartfelt remarks.