You can take your space.
Or, you can join our universe of innovation, technical expertise and fresh digital ideas. In our planet you can meet on a daily basis a bunch of the most inspired producers, directors, actors, animators and musicians of the whole industry.

Our own star was discovered back in 2004 and it is still shining bright through impeccable video and audio productions, 2D and 3D animations, motion graphics and films. Our space oddity is the most high – tech dimension of storytelling and tailor – made advertising.

We can proudly call ourselves an official member of P.A.C.T (Producers Association of Communication Tasks) as well as the sole sub-publisher of Extreme Music in Greece and Cyprus while we have succeeded in providing the most update database of voice over talents in the country.











Video services include shooting on various locations according to certain specifications and needs. Well experienced professionals deliver the best possible result in order to meet or even exceed your expectations in video production.


Correct Creative Productions producers can offer the most sufficient filming services in Greece to film makers around the world. Using expert crew members, imaginative location sites, and ideal weather conditions and providing competitive costs Correct is your ideal partner on film making. High end technology, efficient professionals, tight time schedules and tireless effort are our standards in order to succeed into getting the best outcome into any filming project.

2D 3D Animation

Animation is the art of expression and a method to transmit any message in a creative and friendly way to others, in a form of two-dimensional animation.
But if you had a chance to reconstruct the environment around you with no limitations, what would you do? Well, with the modern technology we have the ability to achieve that, although only within a digital world. This technique is widely used in movies to impress and affect the viewer.

Motion Graphics

Motion Graphics are the digital footage or animation that creates the illusion of motion or rotation, and can be combined with audio for various uses such as multimedia projects. It refers to the commercial application of animation and effects to video, film, TV, and interactive applications.

Voice Over / Sound / Music Composing / Music Clearance

Voice-Over (aka off-camera commentary) is a process of placing over the top of a video composition an pre-recorded audio (speech).